Who Was Who of Indian Studies

Welcome to the database of Prof. Dr. Klaus Karttunen´s work Who Was Who of Indian Studies that emphasizes not only classical Indian Studies but also holds a great number of scholars from related fields and subjects including anthropology and archaeology in South Asia as well as Indo-European, ancient Iranian, Central Asian, and Tibetan Studies.

This collection is the result of many years. I inherited the interest in the history of learning from my teacher, Pentti Aalto. In order to learn more, I started as a young PG student going through, year by year, Indological, Oriental and Linguistic journals, starting with the Journal Asiatique and the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. Soon I noted that the obituaries offered interesting additions to what is told by Windisch and started a file. According to my own interests, I also decided to include the scholars working on Iranian, Indo-European and Tibetan. Especially in the 19th century they almost without exception had also to do with Sanskrit.

(Please find the complete description and the database here)

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