Indoskript 2.0

Indoskript 2.0 is a paleographic database of Brahmi and Kharosthi that aims at covering the full historical development of these two Indic scripts. Indoskript builds on the great paleographic monographs of BĂŒhler and Dani and on numerous more specialized publications, but offers a higher degree of flexibility.

While traditional printed works are static, Indoskript can be queried for different criteria such as historical time, place of origin, or phonetic restrictions. We are convinced that the built-in functions for filtering data and aggregating results facilitate paleographic research to a significant degree.

Indoskript 2.0 is a web interface that reproduces the core functionalities of the original Indoskript, but can be accessed from any platform. As the PC version was held in German and the comments on the sources and individual akáčŁaras have been adopted whole-sale, the comments remain in their original form and will, hopefully, be replaced by English equivalents in due time.

Harry Falk, Berlin
Oliver Hellwig, Berlin

The database can be found here.

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